Scandal, Shenanigans, Super Human Strength and the Polito

If we bring those deep things before God and wait before speaking, He may tame our words, temper our emotions, call us to act in a way that inspires peace in this divided and divisive world of scandal.


No Pushing; Stop Pulling

  Calvin is nine in dog years, translated to human time - he is about 52ish.  Maybe because he lived on a leash in hot Florida for the last three years, maybe because he is older and not as strong anymore, he wiped out in the MI winter snow.  Result:  torn miniscus or ACL.  Either …

When Opposites Attract

During the 10 hour drive between MI and Iowa, the adult passengers shared stories of people with somewhat opposite personalities, strengths, interests, and characteristics finding one another, pursuing one another and resulting in marriage. No one intentionally sought out an opposite, but attraction to the opposite was the common thread in every story.  Also common was that …