Scandal, Shenanigans, Super Human Strength and the Polito

If we bring those deep things before God and wait before speaking, He may tame our words, temper our emotions, call us to act in a way that inspires peace in this divided and divisive world of scandal.


Day 26: Interview With Mother Mary

At the beginning of this writing project, I knew I would interview my mother.  It may have been the best 2 hours of my whole week.  And this is how she began:"When I think of food - it wakes up everything in me - wakes up sight, smell, taste; it delights all my senses."We set …

Day 22: Comfort Food

"You must go to bed and rest" said the doctor, many many years ago. How many days in my life have I longed for someone to tell me I had to go to bed and rest, just for a day or two. This edict long ago, was the requirement for the rest of my pregnancy. …