Scandal, Shenanigans, Super Human Strength and the Polito

I just wanted to have a Polito.

This weekend I went the third polish food festival since I’ve lived in MI.  Polish people make crave-able food.  They have polka music and actually dance too – every age group.   The festivals are a place of eating, dancing, drinking, laughing, loud and friendly people. And you can have dill pickle soup there.  But this years festival I was after the polish burrito, better known as the Polito.   You could get it smothered in a bourbon bacon sauce which I got.  Of course I did.

On the very crowded sidewalk where ID’s were being checked and the laughing friendly people were gathered waiting their turn to get themselves in the door, one of the greeter/ID checkers turned towards me and the girl squashed up next to me and asked this bizzare question;  “Are you a Republican or a Democrat?”

Both of us girls looked at each other,  wondering who the question was directed toward and just opened our mouth not sure of who was supposed to answer.  The thought that popped in my head was, ‘this is a strange and dangerous question.’   I turned back toward the person who asked and said; “I love Jesus.”   Someone in the crowd said, “me too.”  One door attender laughed and shook his head as if to agree that was a good answer.

The question rattled me even through the DJ’s high volume dance music (upstairs dance music, downstairs polka), the shouting short conversations we tried to have with the people at our table and the delicious Polito.  It bothered me the next day .  So I took time to sit and wonder why.   I realized that in the current political climate, I have no desire to have my identity defined by either political party.  Because a majority of what is in our face now stirs us up hate, anger, hurt, and strives to divide.

I am fully capable of saying things political or religious or relational that can help create division.  I know I have.  But honestly, those are the things I often have to apologize for, repent of, ask forgiveness for.  I also hold to a promise that He who began a good work in me is faithful to complete is and what He is doing is calling me, and you, to be people-lovers, peace bringers, ambassadors of encouragement, comfort, and healing.  That is the new life in Christ that I want to Live Wide Awake.

So, we need to make prayer a lifestyle,  because the world is full of scandal, because we are all capable of shenanigans.  Its so obvious there is desparate need for super human strength which come from a Source greater than ourselves.

That is what I am usually talking to you about live on Facebook these days.  Today I decided to write.  The reasons for writing instead of talking don’t matter and maybe today more will read than listen.

This might bother you, what I’m about to write.  That’s ok.  If it does, bring it to prayer and ask God why.

I am asking you fellow lovers of Jesus, before we speak, before we act from our strongly held opinions about politics, and our sense of  ‘I’m right, they’re wrong,’ to bring all of that into a conversation with God.  Even all of the political thoughts and talk can be a place where we practice prayer as a lifestyle, and that sentence just got real because it requires humility and possibly finding out we are not right and who’s up for that? Whatever it is that we feel so strongly about that makes up speak up, speak loud, speak first and be certain to get in the last word too – is coming from something inside us that is significant and deep under the surface, something that matters.

Bring that deep significant stuff into the presence of the Lord Almighty.

Mother Mary mentioned a quote in her long list of notes about prayer; “Learn how to tarry before God and expectantly wait for Him to speak”. (source unknown).   If we bring those deep things before God and wait before speaking, He may tame our words, temper our emotions, call us to act in a way that inspires peace in this divided and divisive world of scandal.  He may uncover a hurt in you that this all triggers.  He may satisfy a need or speak softly but clearly saying its time to lay down your weapon and He will defend, protect, and save.  And maybe, what you were about to say needs to be said but with love and at the right time and to the right people.

Can we all agree that what we read and hear in tweets, on tv and talk radio has agenda, an element of spin and seeks to stir people up?  Can we agree that the scandal of the world we hear via the social sources is RARELY the whole story, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

So…help us God.  Please

Here is a loud invitation and a very long sentence…

Will you join me, every day from now till next Tuesday, to practice this hard and humble prayer over politics?  Will you pray for just one week, instead of posting, or sharing on social sites, or speaking up at the table.  Will you take the worldly division and brokenness you are listening to, care deeply for, have strong opinions about, and bring Every Single Solitary thought of YOURS  about them silently before the creator and lover of the world – the One and Only who knows truth about every situation, thought, word, deed, in every moment of every day.  Then we wait, expectantly, for Him to speak.

I’m inviting you to use super human strength by practicing prayer as a lifestyle in the thick of it all for just seven days.

I love Jesus.  I don’t understand all the scandal, division and broken crap in this world nor how or where God is at work in it all.  But I believe He is.  And this week I am going to try to tarry a while in HIs presence holding all I hear with confidence  that Jesus is able to do way more that I could ask for or even come up with in my well oiled imagination or good ideas.  Because He so loves His world.

Will you join me?


Laura DeGroot – The Caffeinated Woman


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