Where Did I Go?

It it time to answer this question:

“Where did you go?”

Geographically, I went 9.3 miles North and East of where I previously picked up my mail.  We bought our place in November, spent 3 1/2 weeks remodeling, moved in December and 2 days later our girls came home.

We celebrated Christmas as a family.

The college girls returned to school.

We unpacked boxes, hung things on the walls, gave more furniture and stuff away.

Then, wonderful people kept showing up – in the kitchen, on the deck; coming for dinner; staying over.

We unpacked the storage spaces and under the beds where we just “put things for now.”

Still more giving away, loaning out, a little storing.

In the leaving of one place and coming to another my desk/space disappeared.  I got a portable computer – but somehow the lack of location has become a new obstacle  of sitting down to write.  And I had been on such a roll.  Why in the world is it so hard to get started…again?

I still have no desk.  I’m sitting on the patio, looking at the boats, the water, listening to the neighbors chatter. (BTW – sound travels loudly over water).  And I am starting again with this messy little note, explaining where I’ve gone.

Sometimes it’s helpful to go back to the basics when beginning again, so I will copy here what this blog, Crema, is meant to be. (From my website:  Lauradegroot.com)

espresso: a strong coffee brewed by forcing steam under pressure through darkly roasted, powdered coffee beans.

crema: the tan-colored foam that forms on the top of espresso–the simple, yet joyful evidence of coffee done well.

Crema is a place for writing about the simple yet joyful evidence of life done well. Not perfect mind you – not the writing nor the life, but observations of lessons learned, beauty noted, insight grasped. It is a space for stories about my favorite things, current events, and the activity of God.

Crema – the foam – is a part of the espresso beverage. It is the visual lure of espresso, the aroma, the mouthfeel, the flavor, the aftertaste of espresso.

Crema – the writing – is a part of life. It is in telling the story I share awareness of the sensation of Life, the flavor, color, commotion, the sentiment.

I most often enjoy crema, the beverage, in conversation with others. I am hoping that will happen here in Crema, the blog, as well.

I hope not to be gone so long this time.



6 Replies to “Where Did I Go?”

  1. so so good to hear from you!!!! keep working at that space thing— it can be a wonderful thing to be able to take your writing to that wonderful space you have outside— have we done anything to the space upstairs “sorta outside” not sure if you call that inside or outside— what really is that anyway ???:) love love the time we shared was precious—looking forward to hearing more about your space through ‘crema’ –later!! Laura


    1. thank you Laura! working on that outdoor space. Decided to call it my “study” rather than an office. It is cleared of all storage, cleaned all up, ordered a desk this weekend, have flooring from ikea coming tomorrow ( a diy snap in wood type deck/flooring). trying to find the right fabric for curtains/decor. got jr to put a table in there for me tonight. one step at a time!


    1. ahhhh wouldn’t that be nice – and this time you could sit there with tea instead of being hot and sweaty from packing/unpacking! lets Skype


  2. I am SOOO glad you are back! And Janet Crabb will be also. She recently told me how much she has missed you and also that she bakes your special bread very often! Your mother loves you!


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