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Day 31: And Finally, A Word From My Sponsor November 8, 2013

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Final Button 3He is a self-described, King of Leftovers.  He has a love affair with White Castle and has since childhood.  He was famous in our home on Saturday mornings for whipping up pancakes or french toast or taking us all out for donuts.   He created the “clean out the container” game which we played most Sundays after church.  He likes being married to one who speaks Food as a love language.  And finally he wanted to contribute his strong opinion to the series:

Men are better fed than understood.

Thanks hubby.


One Response to “Day 31: And Finally, A Word From My Sponsor”

  1. adiejohnsonom Says:

    Love it, JR!

    And way to go, Laura, you did it! 31 days!!

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