Day 20: My One Pot Wonder

Missing Love Language Button

How does a one pot wonder choose recipes:   “Based on complexity, how many dishes it requires and how long it takes to prepare.”

Reason for cooking recipes that require only one pot:  “I hate doing dishes”

What is your pot limit?  “If a recipe requires 3 or more pots, I would only make it for someone special OR if someone else is doing the dishes.   On second thought, I would use more pots if I had a Hobart industrial dishwasher.”

She worked in PITS as part of Young Life Work Crew at Malibu.  The PITS crew did all the dishes for 3 weeks of.  She lived in rubber boots and gloves and took care of lots o pots.

I am a creative cook.  Translation:  I make a mess and don’t care a lick how many pots pans,  peelers, presses, paper towels, spoons, forks, knives, band aids, recipes or cutting boards it takes to make a meal.  This stresses some people out.  I tell them not to watch.   I do clean up my creativity tools.  I clearly did not pass this style of food speech to daughter T1.    Yet, she has her own creative style; does more with less; ventures outside the recipe; and is happy to do it herself.

Lyndsay..self described One Pot Wonder.  I love you and the way you make food.


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