Day 19: The Forgotten Lunch Bag

Final Button 3Hot lunch.

What do those words bring up for you?

Pack a lunch.

How about those words – any thoughts?

27 years ago I packed my hubby’s lunch every night and wrote a note to tuck in the bag.  Yes I was smitten, and still am…but I don’t pack it every night anymore and I text sweet messages instead.  He does take a lunch from home nearly everyday. Lunch=leftovers…in a bag with handles that previously held leftovers from some restaurant.

For many years I packed lunch for Thing 1 and Thing 2 until they got old enough to take that on.  Though I still helped.  This college year they live off campus and are back to taking a packed lunch so we sent them new “lunch boxes” this year.

One of the Things was prone to forgetting her lunch bag at home.  I, who speak FOOD love language, couldn’t let that happen no matter how frustrated I was with the forgetting.    I am a forgetter, so really the frustration just triggers my own stuff!  A teacher or school staff member suggested not bringing it (rescuing) so she would learn to take ownership of remembering something she needed.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…………the suffering of a parent all over a child missing her peanut butter sandwich and carrots with ranch dressing for dipping.

Yesterday I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Mother Mary about Food being a love language.   2 hours, amazing stories, and lots of laughs later I ended the call with my cup of love overflowing.  I have much to share but for today, just one story about the forgotten school lunch bag and brother John.

Mother Mary:

” John couldn’t remember his lunch.  He had so many other important things on his mind.  I always brought it to the school office for him.  Until the day a teacher said stop bringing it or he would never remember to bring it himself.   So I stopped.   John’s best buddy and next door neighbor John walked to school with (brother) John every day.   Soon after I stopped bringing the lunch to school, friend John would come running back to get the forgotten lunch bag.  Friend John told me:  “I have to get it, otherwise if he doesn’t have any lunch I have to share mine because I feel sorry for him.”  From that day on I  always made sure son John got his lunch or brought it to the school office if he forgot it. So much for the teacher on that one.”

He probably wasn’t the only one of us 5 kids to be a lunch bag forgetter,  apparently just the most consistent.

All that conversation prompted my memory of a lunch bag favorite:  2 slices of white bread with Cheeze Whiz and a slice of bologna, 2 crisp red delicious apples and a Tab.  Mmmmm, tasty white, orange, brown goodness!




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