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Day 13: A Cheap Date October 14, 2013

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Final Button 3Best dinner ever happened a few hours ago, just my man and me.  We finished soaking in the sounds of ocean waves, watching millions of bait fish swim south, reading and napping at our Oasis – the ocean.  It was a fine way to follow morning worship. We wrapped up the day of  rest by sharing a boat of thick cut skin on fries and a concrete custard from the beachside Burger Fi.  I couldn’t be happier, all for under ten bucks.    The hubby knows how to love me well.  If he had a fridge magnet it might say:  Love Laura, buy her tasty ice cream.

I reminded my man of reason #36 why it’s great to be married to me:  I’m an easy to please cheap date.


2 Responses to “Day 13: A Cheap Date”

  1. 88pianokeys Says:

    JR is extremely lucky to have you…as is my son Carter 🙂 You rock girl.
    BTW–Chuck “loved” me tonight with delectable roasted turkey breast and his over-the-top gravy–oh my!

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