noticing joy on the surface of simple things … the evidence of holiness happening in the daily grind.

Day 11: The Memory Holder October 12, 2013

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The Memory Holder July 24, 2009

(This post was one of the first I wrote when I started a blog.  It was about the topic of Food being a love language.   It is worth repeating.)

Final Button 3My grandfather Ed Rozeboom passed away recently.  When my children were little we started calling him Grandpa Rosie because Rozeboom was a mouthful for toddlers. He lived long and finished well, going where he longed to go – the place where he is no longer an alien, but a citizen.  The Promised Land.

There was a funeral, with all the expected people, places, and casseroles.  Closure happened.  But now there is remembering.

I like this part. Because the end of his life was recent I think of my grandpa as well as my grandma often.  Here’s what keeps joyfully rising to the surface of these thoughts: food! Bringing lunch out to Grandpa on the tractor. Grandmas deep freeze in the sun room full of frozen candy from the previous holiday. The cellar in the basement where we put leftovers after big family meals.   Learning to make Grandma’s pie crust that she had no recipe for.  Camping & rolling coffee cans with grandpa to make home-made ice cream.  Summer and sandwiches with Valveeta; Grandmas thick sliced garden tomatoes. Garden Tomato and Valveeta sandwiches on homemade bread.  Peanut butter with butter on top of grandpa’s toast.  More peanut butter and butter and sweet pickle sandwiches on Wonder Bread – Grandpas favorite. Grandmas cookies and bars and candy jars. And pizza. Grandpa always brought us pizza.

After the funeral, our family left Iowa and headed for Colorado making a stop at The Pizza Ranch for dinner. Not because it’s the greatest pizza we’ve ever had, but because it reminds us of this man we loved.

I find myself thankful when I think of my Grandparents Rosie. Remembering is healing. And I am most delighted to find that food is the memory holder. Given that, I am sure I will never forget them.

Does food hold helpful memories for you?


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