noticing joy on the surface of simple things … the evidence of holiness happening in the daily grind.

Day 10: The Best Room In The House October 11, 2013

Final Button 3It’s the Kitchen.  That is the best room.  I am pretty certain there is no house without a kitchen.  There are houses without laundry rooms.  Seriously, they put those in the garage here in Florida.  My non negotiable in this house hunting adplease let it end-venture is that I am not washing undergarments where we park the car.

I’m looking for a kitchen where food can made and so can friendships.  I care most of all that people are in the kitchen with me when I am cooking, doing dishes, or eating Saint Andre’ Brie andstandre2 drinking wine.  Today I had the privilege of helping a friend put the best room in her new house together.  She is someone who got to S. FL 6 weeks ahead of me.  She moved today.  I got to unpack pots and pans, find homes for knives and china, make space for spices and lots of pepper.  We talked about life and laughed.  Her kitchen gadgets had stories of aunts, grandma’s, & special events.  Her coffee mugs told vacation stories.  And she had the COOLEST salt holder I’ve ever seen.   I looked it up and its called a SALT PIG.  Isn’t that is hilarious!  Life on life happened in that new kitchen of hers.  I needed that today as last night I hit the wall with my kitchen hunt.    Tonight ended in our apartment kitchen with the newly moved sharing a bowl of 5 way Cincinnati Chili.  Somehow that helped a bit.

Thanks friends for letting me help christen your new best room in the house!


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