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Day 7: “It’s All About The Ice Cream Afterwards” October 8, 2013

Final Button 3If you played co-rec softball with coach JR  (my hubby) in Boulder or Lafayette CO, you would have been invited to Good Times after.  We were not always been the winningest team (though we do have drawers full of t-shirts claiming our status as City Of Boulder Softball Champions), we nearly always had fun.  JR was known for writing the line up on a piece of paper along with a quote about playing baseball and these two words, “Have Fun.”  Even with a few players taking balls in the shin, balls in the face, (anyone remember Treacy C – first game in the freezing cold?), twisting ankles, jamming fingers, sliding into bases and leaving skin behind, we did have fun with a whole lot of people.

I think we may have played 20 seasons of softball together.  Sometimes on more than one team.  JR could be serious, was certainly competitive, but also inviting and encouraging.  He planned pre-season practice for re-connecting with your inner bat and remembering how to catch and throw.  Everyone loved the sprint drills he made us run…NOT.   And behind the scenes,  I knew he looked forward to the after-game as well.  That was the time when player’s & their spouses, friends, children, parents, visiting fans, sat around the tables with Good Time Deluxe Cheeseburgers or Caramel Toffee Crunch Spoonbenders, always wild fries with dippin sauce and hang out.  Highlights and lowlights and occasional play or players of the game were talked about, and life was shared.

JR’s approach to connection and community in action was invitation to play then eat.  His language:  “It’s all about the ice cream afterwards.”

So Good Times,  JR will coach a South Florida team if you open up a store here!  What do ya say?  Bring on the Oregon Blackberry Custard!


2 Responses to “Day 7: “It’s All About The Ice Cream Afterwards””

  1. My girls love our ice cream practices. Sometimes you really do just need a little ice cream. Good luck in Florida.

    • lauradegroot Says:

      Thanks! We took our girls along from the time they were born through the time they were old enough to play or sub for us. Fl is starting to grow on us little by little! Haven’t found a softball team here yet!

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