Where Are You From?

How many times have you been asked that question?

How do you answer? I never know if I am from where I was born, where I’ve lived the longest, where I liked living the best, or where I currently get my mail.

I arrived at my  Florida address about 1 in the morning yesterday.  That evening someone asked how my trip to Colorado was.  Another person asked, “is it nice to be home?”    Answers:  Fantastic.  Where is home?

I think home is where your people are.  In 11 days vacationing at “home” I saw as many people as the hours in the day allowed.  I still didn’t see all my people.   I’ve never enjoyed Boulder Colorado so much as I did staying in a friend’s loft on East end Pearl Street.  I spent mornings on the sunny terrace taking in the foothills, listening to the city wake up, breathing in co-mingeled scents of fresh air and coffee brewing.  Tahoma, The Laughing Goat, Arabasque, Illegal Petes, Snooze, Moongate Bistro, Walnut Cafe, Southside Walnut Cafe, Nick n Willies, and Lucky’s Market hosted and provided a Colorado taste of home for gatherings.  (A rousing shout out for each of those restaurants – fantastic food and drink!)  And so did the kitchens,  counters and backyard mountain porches of family and friends. I’m so full…I didn’t want it to end.   My jeans did though.  Alright…honestly I did run low on energy and JR said he missed me!

Discombobulated:  A whimsical way of communicating the state of  feeling confused, perplexed.   Today I wear this emotion on my short sleeve.  Is it because of the rich, satisfying face to face time with my people is over?  Or is it due to the disappointment that I didn’t seem them all?  Did I inhale too much thin air, pine, familiar? Am I missing the green chili already? Or could it be because my Colorado dear friend is in surgery today and I can’t be in the hospital waiting room?

There are developing “my people” relationships in the place I get my mail.  But, today I feel a long ways from home.

Love you my Colorado people.  Thanks for pouring so much home into me that I miss you all over again.



One Reply to “Where Are You From?”

  1. Dear Laura, I love your emails. You are a skilled writer. Have you written your family history yet? You should because what is in your memory will only last as long as you are in this world and when you are gone, so will your fount of memory be. Everybody loses when memories disappear. Remember Marc Anthony’s speech–when he says the good is buried with Caesar but the evil survives? In my opinion that is the best speech Shakespeare ever wrote. Thanks for sending me your blogs. Ardith


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