What I See At The Sea


Do Not Disturb signs stationed by the sea turtle nests; the mothers laying work is done

and the eggs develop life under the sand.


A father and a young daughter drawing in the sand; the water erases their picture; she inhales with surprise;

the father smiles, “We’ll never need a clean sheet of paper.”


Armloads of seashore treasures are carried by two women;

they eagerly share their delight on the returning walk.


Shade, shade, and lots of books, in the early morning.


Tan young man training the small, fearless protege’s to surf.


Seasoned swimmer shares his stingray/shark sightings and insight on ocean exercise:

“This isn’t a pool!”


The former Texan and his dog share the love of Florida living and paddle boarding – complete with demonstration and

an invitation to try it out given to an inexperienced stranger.


The small group of people, bent at the waist, hands on their knees, feet in the water, faces pointing down…

waiting, wondering which shells will go home with them today.


3 Elders sit waist deep in the sea.  Another brave one stands supporting the head and shoulders

of the fearful one who conqueres the back-float





Eyes that see change inside me

while I walk by the Sea.


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