Top Ten List of Things I Didn’t Expect

I have a very active imagination.   Maybe that is why I dream so much.  I don’t use it all up during the day, so it continues into the night.

I dreamt about this list – even the title.  I saw the list in the dream but have no idea what it said.

In one of the thousands of conversations we had leading up to our move from the 303 to the 561, I remember saying “we don’t know what we don’t know.”   At 8 months, 23 days and 7 hours and 44 minutes after arriving in tropical south Florida, here is a no-particular order list of a what I do know now.

1. I like the weather.

2. JR and I spend a lot of time together, and like it.

3.  Tennis Rocks.

4. Delray Beach is a long way from everywhere else we go to visit.

5. It rains here A LOT.

6 . I am barefoot 90 percent of the time.

7.  I’ve celebrated 7 holidays at the beach.

8.  I miss my daughters tremendously, and when they visit I am tremendously happy.

9. Calvin our lab has lost weight and eats twice as much as he did at a mile high.  I contribute this to the 4-5 walks he gets a day instead of his slow wandering in the backyard.  Most people ask if he is a year  or two old.  When I tell them he is 6, the common response is “WOW he looks so young and handsome.”  I however, am on all of those same walks, have not increased my food intake and  not lost a pound.  I have been carded at a restaurant, but  rather than checking to see if I was legal drinking age, I think it was to see if I got the 55 plus discount.

10. Seagulls will snatch the best bite of your peanut butter and pickle sandwich right out of your hand if you’re eating it on “their” beach.


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