Calvin’s Menu

I mentioned to my mother-in-law, that there are not a lot of similarities between Colorado and South Florida.  The blue sky may be one exception. It is necessary to acknowledge the differences and find ways to adapt to the way things are here.

Our Colorado home, (still for sale folks – great house – great neighborhood – fantabulous neighbors – make an offer!) had a large backyard which our big yellow dog Calvin spent a lot of time in.  Especially when the humans were not at home.  Here in FL, he always has to be on a leash. When this apartment is human free, he has to remain inside.  I’ve not heard murmuring from him, but have picked up on “the look” which I interpret as his request for leash freedom and wandering privileges.

I will give Calvin props for being the quickest to adapt to our new surroundings and lack of potty privacy.  I’m just wondering if his new menu has anything to do with contentment?   Please tell me what you think after you read what Calvin has consumed in 5 short months:

2 dozen chocolate chip cookies

one large chocolate bar

one roll of chocolate chip cookie dough

1/2 stick of crisco

1 bag marshmellows

1 bag dark chocolate chips

1 bag wrapped caramels (incl wrappers)

2 packets onion soup mix

1 packet dry ranch dressing mix

2 pears

3 plums

1 roma tomato

2 yukon gold potatoes (raw)

1 very large sweet potato (also raw)

I need to clarify, I did NOT offer any of these items to him.  He simply pulled the bin off the shelf and took out some items; helped himself to what was on the kitchen counter; and twice stood on two feet to reach produce in the big bowl.  I do appreciate that he has only tipped the bowl & not caused it to crash to the tile floor.

He may be missing the backyard, but then again, maybe not.

2 Replies to “Calvin’s Menu”

  1. Dearest Laura….
    He must have something to do along with all the fabulous walks you give him and I know you do that!!
    So pleased to hear you have, yet another, “5th Contract” on the house! We pray this one will be “it”! We aren’t getting much activity on ours, so will probably be listing soon. We hope you are settled and happy in a new home by the time we get there!!!
    Love your new FaceBook picture and hope to see you…soon….!

    Love you guys,


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