Girl Who Plays In Trees

Tennis courts in our new town are plentiful. There is one in our complex and with it comes a free Tennis Clinic on Saturday mornings.  Without a racquet, I showed up at a clinic just to watch.  Cathy shared hers with me that day, then loaned me 2 extras that she had at home.

Other than a few weeks in high school PE, I’ve never played tennis.  After my first two clinics, I earned the nickname, “Girl Who Plays In Trees.”  It was fitting, not funny.  I scrounged through the palm tree forest just outside the tennis court fence at the end of each clinic hour, searching for my poorly hit balls.   The Pro told me that I wasn’t playing softball and aiming for the outfield.

15 plus Saturday Clinics later, I have my own racquet with bright green grip tape and have ditched the nickname.  My tennis savvy hubby will spend time on the court with me now and I admit, I’m making progress.  I have yet to learn how to score, but do understand which lines to keep the ball in-between if I am playing single versus doubles.  I’m not ready to play in a court where each net is not separated by a fence.  I stay out of the trees most of the time, but not always in my own court.

I’m not of the mind set – “old dog, new trick” -but I do think I fit – “middle-age empty nester displaced in Florida lovin tennis.”  I’ts a nice part of the adventure.

Need a vacation?   Come visit – I’ve got an extra racquet.


3 Replies to “Girl Who Plays In Trees”

  1. i wanna play!!!! i miss tennis… benjamin just got his first racket from my brother… gotta have him try it out yet… maybe in florida?


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