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“DISH HARDWARE” March 23, 2013

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Its time to hit the boxes again this week.  10 are waiting in the garage.  This unpacking/repacking task is comical.

This  box is labeled “DISH HARDWARE – FRAGILE”

I thought we already opened the box with the hardware from our Dish TV, and sure enough we had.  This box was full of my Christmas dishes.  Next I opened a box labeled “hats” which JR had been hoping I we would find soon.  Sorry dear – it contained 4 straw hats, not your ball caps.    I’ve also opened a box with one lamp shade; unwrapped a paper full of rocks; and the best so far has been a thickly wrapped single chip clip.

So I don’t understand the packing world.

I also don’t understand the real estate world.  One more time we had an offer and one more time (last night) the buyers backed out.  Each time it has been for a completely different reason.

I thought a ‘contract to purchase’ meant we would discontinue owning a house we are still paying for though we are not living in.    “That’s it’s purpose”, you might say.  Well so far, those contracts are more like a tease than a truth.

Maybe I will box JR and I up and write on the outside:  HOME SELLER HARDWARE – FRAGILE.  Then I will ship us back to Colorado.


One Response to ““DISH HARDWARE””

  1. adiejohnsonom Says:

    That stinks. Bummer. This one seemed like it was gonna happen.

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