Adventure Invitation

A month has nearly flown by.

In that time we’ve shared out 19 strides with people from Colorado, Iowa, University of South Dakota and Calvin College.  More proof, that what we have is enough, though it was mentioned by one guest I was lacking in ‘man mugs’.  True enough, but it didn’t stop him from enjoying rich dark coffee from The Boys.

In that time we saw a school of sharks jumping through the water like dolphins, but splashier.  Several of our guests saw a shark or two in the center of a wave, just before it crested – not 10 feet off shore.

In that time we’ve had Florida winter.   40-50 degree evenings 60 degree days with little to no humidity.  I’ll take it.  You can still go to the beach – the water never went below 72.

In that time I drove across the state to beautiful Naples and caught up with fellow twin moms.  It amazes me how quickly you can engage with people you once spent a lot of life with, but rarely see.

In that time, projects on our CO home were completed; the sign went back in the yard; and we got a solid contract.  We ask praying people to join us in asking the Lord to bless the process through the finish line this time.

I am most thankful for people with whom we have history and the chance to be face to face.  I am grateful for young people whose stage of life is so full of possibility and reminds me that mine still is too.  I am overwhelmed by the beauty of what comes naturally for Florida and that I have eyes to see, ears to hear and chances to point it out to those who come our way.

To our previous guests:  Thanks for coming into our Adventure.

To our future guests:  You’re Invited.


2 Replies to “Adventure Invitation”

  1. I was just thinking of you yesterday and wondered how you are doing. It sounds like you are aclimating and miss you.
    love lynn


  2. Hey Laura, miss seeing you and thankful to hear updates. I am SO excited to see you later this summer when we drop Carter off in your–oops–Palm Beach Atlantic’s hands.


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