We Bumbled Upon The Famous Beach

“Hot; Outrageous; A bit bizarre, always friendly, very flashy, sometimes cheeky and often risque.  A most fashionable and photgrahed area of Miami.   A Mecca for the rich & famous, the young & beautiful.”   – Travel Channel

“South Beach is the quintessential Miami beach experience. It’s the place to see and be seen and show off the product of months in the gym. South Beach isn’t clothing optional, but topless bathing is permitted. ” – About.com

20 blocks of the southernmost part of Miami Beach is the famous – infamous South Beach.  The area is identified by Art Deco architecture, designer boutiques, and the massive white sand beach.  It is common to hear “you’ve gotta go to South Beach.”  It is also common to hear about the sans top bathing attire and plethora of plastic surgery.

Without intention, we bumbled upon this famous beach!  Our  Colorado Realtor and friend Chris was flying through Miami and invited us to meet him for brunch.  None of us knew where to meet and eat but thanks to a tip about Lincoln Street and Yelp we found delicious food and a fantastic people watching spot.  Following great conversation with a familiar face we headed down to the end of the road at his suggestion.   At the end of this walking mall – similar to Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall, was The Beach.


We had no idea we were at South Beach.  And no, the bathers didn’t take our breath away – the colossal beach and magnificent water did.  People watching happened for sure, impossible not to, but what we saw was hundreds of Boy Scouts.   Yep, you read that right – uniformed boy scouts, flags held high, marching parade style down the famous beach.

Back at the apartment we looked up our location and determined we’d been on South Beach.  Next time we take beach chairs, bathing suits and more change for the meter.

Accidental tourists or Florida newcomers exploring our new surroundings?  We might be a blend right now, what matters is that this surprise discovery delighted us.  Discovery helps with transition time and fills in Adventure.  And writing about it may even tempt a family and friends to come and see for themselves!

Yours – more savvy about the sand around here – Laura


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