Better is Better

Little things matter.

If you’ve ever  received a little encouragement, a small piece of really great chocolate, a short note in the mail,  brief comic relief in the middle of a tough day, then you might agree that little things matter.

New Discovery:  Woolite Dry Clean at Home.    In just 20 short minutes, you too can have affordable dry cleaning at home for just a couple of dollars.  Rumor has it that good dry cleaners in S Florida are hard to find.  So this little product, that costs just a little, that takes care of one more new place to find, has been a little gem.

Little things go a long way.

My husband can win big points with me just by buying me  for ice cream.

New discoveries:

#1  Kilwains Ice Cream store.   It began in MI, but there are the most stores in Florida now, one being right downtown Delray Beach.   It’s convienetly close to the beach.   For my Colorado friends, this would compare to Glacier Ice Cream.   But just a little better.   Favorite flavors:  Traverse City Cherry and Salted Caramel.  (my mouth is watering).

#2  Blue Bell Ice Cream.  This doesn’t require a trip to Delray, just to a nearby grocery.  My friend Retta who is Texan born Colorado livin, has always told me this is the Best ice cream there is.    Our relatively inexpensive first purchase of  Homemade Vanilla/Dutch Chocolate combo didn’t last long as the truth of Retta’s claim inspired our daily consumption!  Such a little thing to look forward to at the end of the day!

A Little Progress

The  bedroom furniture  went on a trek through the apartment yesterday.  It resettled in different rooms.  When all pieces landed safely  in their new location I stated our new motto, “That’s better, and better is better.”  Before you poo poo that sentiment – think about a time in your life where circumstances, relationships, jobs, health changed significantly.  Change unsettles us.  It takes time to acclimate to what is different.  We have found through our adventure to Florida that any improvement or movement forward makes us feel a little better.  Therefore we say, better is better.  The improvements and progress are baby stepish, but that may be the perfect pace for now.

If you are learning something new or pursuing a goal, working on a project or overcoming an obstacle, practicing your skill/trade/sport/expertise or tackling the hard stuff, when you experience progress, even just a small amount  is better than no progress at all.  And so Better is Better.

I’ve struggled with the ‘not enough’ syndrome. It  had plagued me in the daily and in the big scheme of life.   A simple gift – ‘it’s not enough.’  Something I make – ‘it’s not good enough.’   An idea I have, work I do, actions I carry out – the ‘not good enough’ seeps into personal critique.  Who I am – ‘not  smart enough, not creative, strong, persevering, funny, wise, hardworking, neat, compassionate, humble,  helpful, patient, coordinated….enough.’   I’ve struggled, but I am finding relief from believing this internal falsehood.

What I do, how I do it is a natural extension of who I am and what motivates me.  When I cultivate a belief that I live and breathe and work and serve and play to please the Almighty One who knew me as He formed me and loves me like crazy rather than trying to please people, there is progress away from ‘not enough syndrome’.  Belief is transferred toward living abundantly, freely, joyfully, patiently, gratefully, kindly, lovingly.  This kind of Better is a lot Better.

What better do you see in your own circumstances?  Try inserting ‘better is better’ into an outloud statement of the little bit of progress you see.   After you try it out on yourself first, (genuinely), try it out on someone else (genuinely).

A Little Upgrade

I’ve been trimming my own hair while I’ve been here.  However, the locks are getting pretty frumpy.  A haircut here is #1 expensive and #2 ala carte.  You pay for the person who washes it; there’s price for the cut, for the blow dry and for the cut and style.  Sheesh.  There are haircutting salons everywhere.  Here’s another change; another new place and person to pick.

Today I picked one close by and I’m now off to upgrade my home style haircut.

Hopefully better will be better.

Laura…taking babyish steps and hoping for the best.


2 Replies to “Better is Better”

    1. I actually have. That is often my second scoop. Another reason to love Kilwains, you can have 2 flavors in one cone. And they have the absolute best waffle cones I have ever had. Toasted coconut goes very well with the Salted Caramel!


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