What’s So Funny?


New Discovery:

Laughter in the morning, laughter at night.

Morning has never been my favorite time of day. Nor have I  been anyone’s favorite person first thing in the morning.  But this middle age dog is learning a few new tricks.  Because of our dog Calvin, I am required to get up and get outside first thing every morning.  He’s never demanding, but has sweet pleading eyes requesting the leash and my presence out to the grass without too much delay.

So I dress first thing and head out for Calvin’s potty walk.  Once that business is over, we continue on a stroll and sniff.  Calvin isn’t the morning athlete type either.  You would guess based on his morning pace, that he is nearly 11 or 12.   You would be wrong.  His old soul personality translates into an older soul walking pace both in the morning and when its hot.  He’s been that way since youth!

So what’s so funny?

Our morning stroll and sniff takes us around the “lake”.  And on the lake there are ducks who are the unlikely source of laughter every single morning.  They sound funny, their bathing rituals make me laugh, the pecking order in action is comical.  Yesterday another water bird of some sort was diving under and then popping up some distance away from where he went down.  That went from fascinating to funny when he went down, and then popped up right under the behind of a lone female duck.  She was startled and I laughed out loud.

All this before my first cup of coffee.

What’s so funny at night?

Sheldon Cooper.  Sheldon and his friends on the Big Bang Theory are hilarious.  Though this is one of the most watched shows on TV, has won all kinds of awards, and is on it’s 6 season, we had never seen it until the move into our Florida apartment.  Now we’re hooked.  Because of the magic of DVR, we’ve recorded an episode or two to watch every night before bed.  I’ve never watched one without laughing out loud.  They are just funny.  Sheldon reminds us (in all the good ways…) of our  previous next door neighbor Alex who also is incredibly smart and used to make us laugh out loud!

Bless the Lord for His good gift of beginning and ending the day with laughter.

Here’s hoping you can laugh at least once today and a little something to aid you…

“Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it into a fruit salad.”

— Miles Kington

laughing Laura
p.s.  the laugh word is hanging in my kitchen – a good reminder!



One Reply to “What’s So Funny?”

  1. I LOVE Sheldon!! He reminds me a lot of my son or my son reminds me a lot of Sheldon… Something like that! A great laugh EVERY time!


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