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The 3rd time is…. December 2, 2012

…not a charm.

The third time we heard that our Colorado house deal fell through was not charming at all.   That was last night.

Yesterday we were supposed to be moving into the second Florida rental we found.  First one fell through.  No charm there.

The third rental biting the dust – also, NOT charming.  That was today.

Should I have seen this coming?  After all, our start on this adventure was not so charming.

The morning of  the much-anticipated RV journey to Florida, we left the house with pets, headed to Longmont to fill the large RV tank but before we could get through the busy intersection by the gas station – our rig stalled.  Yep, you read that right…6 miles from home there was a stalled out 30 foot Cruise America RV with JR in the driver seat and yours truly riding shotgun. Over the next few hours there was a call, a wait, and a surprise re-starting of the engine.  That was followed by a choice:

A. 2-3 hour wait for a tow truck and trip to a Ford dealership for a possible fix or

B.  A risky trip back to the Cruise America rental center to exchange current rig for a new one.

We chose B.

The risk was the right choice – and so the unpacking of RV #1 and repacking of RV #2 took place.  THEN we got started on the journey.

JR and I leaned into that experience together – teamwork – do what needs to be done.  No complaining, just grateful there was another RV available.  Though of course I will admit to many internal grumbly voices and thoughts that would have been unfortunate spoken words.

After nearly 5 weeks of 3 up and 3 down with both the Colorado house and the Florida housing, JR and I have leaned into challenge again.  And I will admit to feeling distress, defeat, discouragement, and not such great thoughts that turned into some regrettable words.  My leaning was weak.

Thank the Lord that this is not the only part of our Adventure.  The RV got us and our pets safely to Florida with plenty of comic relief along the way.  GEO has taken care of our fancy camping and we’ve met some great people here in our complex.  I’ve got Monday night Yoga and Saturday morning Tennis lessons on site (brand new to me; for beginners & FREE!) and there is progress in both.  JR continues to get confirmations that this job is God’s call, answered prayer, and a really good fit.

We’ve decided to simply stay here in this dog friendly complex.  We’ve decided to take our house off the market, do a few things to it and put it back on next year.  Though this was not the way we would have chosen, it feels like being good stewards of what we have and staying true to who we are.  We sense relief this evening.

What does ‘3rd time’s a charm’ really mean?   I couldn’t find its specific origin, but I liked what Gary Martin at The Phrase Finder concluded:

“It seems more likely that it is just a folk belief that, having had setbacks, we ought to persevere and not give up. This is enshrined in the phrase ‘try, try and try again’. Three seems to be the right number of times to try. Two isn’t enough but four is too many. Think of every time you’ve seen a drama in which a character tries to unlock a door with a set of unfamiliar keys. The first key fails, the second key fails – it is always the third that works.”

The third time wasn’t the hoped for charm.   We did try, try, try again.  The third key never got handed over.  This adventure has had setbacks (a universal theme).  Now we choose to persevere and not give up even it takes 21 times.  What a journey.

Onward , Forward, Adventure Ho!  – The sometimes Charming Laura


One Response to “The 3rd time is….”

  1. Lynn (jin riki) Says:

    Sorry to hear about the house deal falling through. I was trying to buy a house in Longmont as a rental. I was pre-qualified. Did the walk through and THEN my lending agent said NO. Couldn’t believe it. They didn’t believe that I had a real renter in my Broomfield house because he paid me in cash and I had given them the bank deposits to back it up. So I went with 1st Bank in Longmont. The selling agent’s realtor said she had this happen before and sent us there. They could approve the loan if I put down 5% more. which I did. at this point I already had alot of money invested in the house to see the deal through. but its an act of God to get a loan through these days. 1st bank was great. They couldn’t believe what the previous lender had put me through just to say no. Anyway, through perserverance of all parties involved it worked but it did take a long time.
    Tennis, now u start. I have stopped. my feet can’t take it. but Marissa and I are doing yoga together and she is going to an acupuncturist! she doesn’t like it but can tell that it helps her.
    Luckily u and JR have a great attitude towards this new adventure u are embarking on! much love, lynn

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