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Pausing For The Parents November 28, 2012

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Mary and Andy from MN and AZ are in FL with us.  What a treat – we are having a great time in our temporary dwelling.

But, they are distracting me from writing.

They’re forgiven though,  because today they gave me the perfect gift….a lighted compass for my car.  Direction!  It’s still great to get direction from your parents.

This particular gift serves two purposes:

  1. To keep me from driving to the Alligator infested Everglades rather than the Dolphin           infused Ocean.
  2. To retrain my West-Mountains oriented internal compass, to a East-Beach oriented internal compass.  You of course cannot see the ocean until you are at it, but I’m hoping to eventually sense it.  Or not.

The compass is a really good idea.

Tomorrow is a big day.  The house inspection on our Colorado home happened today and we are praying all will go smoothly with the “inspection resolution” that must be accomplished.  We are also having our interview with the association president of the Florida condo we are moving into in on Friday.   Hope they like us?  Interesting all that has to happen these days to leave a dwelling or enter a dwelling.

Otherwise…well…(a little tiny worry)…maybe…this is silly.  Tomorrow is a new day.  Worry won’t change a thing.  This is still an adventure.  Tomorrow is Wednesday, November 28, 2012.  It should be about 78 and sunny!

I think I will pause and do a little praying.   And then enjoy a puzzle with my dad in the place I am dwelling.

Not homeless Laura


3 Responses to “Pausing For The Parents”

  1. Lyndsay Says:

    love love love this

  2. Lynn (jin riki) Says:

    I totally understand the need for a compass. Its hard to orient yourself without the mountains to guide you. I never know what direction I am going when I am in the East. Marissa is doing better but still has her ups and downs. Its been challenging to say the least. miss u lynn

    • lauradegroot Says:

      thank you lynn. we’ve had more ups and downs and were pretty defeated/deflated last night. Had to make some big decisions today and feel relief even though this is NOT AT ALL where we thought we would be at this point. I think so much of you and Marissa and glad to hear there is some improvement. I would expect ups and downs as that is a normal teen, especially girl, and even more because she is a Senior thing to do. Be sure to keep taking good care of yourself and reach out to your support – including me. I pray for you both my friend. And I miss you so…

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