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Palm Trees Can Be A Problem November 15, 2012

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Southeast Florida has a plethora of Palm Trees.  They make my new world here look like tropical Maui and I love them.  HOWEVER, they can be a problem.


#1. A large creature called the Palmetto bug (translation: Ginormous Roach) comes from these trees.


#2.  They line every road and block the top of all the buildings you drive by, thus preventing you from seeing if in fact the storefront says Publix or Costco or Bed Bath and Beyond for instance.


#3.  This is NOT a good place to slow down and try to look under said palm trees to see if you are supposed to turn in or not, because you will likely get honked at or even rear ended.  And I have been strongly warned that these two hazards are about to get intensified when “Season” is in full tilt.  That begins January 1.



Thank goodness for my GPS ( a gift  from my parents 4 years ago.  I thanked them for FINALLY giving me direction and boy is it a lifesaver now.)  This technology too is ‘some kind of wonderful’.  It helps me find what I am looking for when I can’t see the store name through the trees.

I successfully found the Grocery store today!



We have also been looking for a place to call home once our fancy camping gig is up.  It too has been hard to find, but today – Celebration!  We found what we were looking for and the papers were signed and sealed.   Boca Raton will be our new town, close to JR’s job and only 10 minutes from the beach!  Something heavy lifted…sigh.


So we are looking for one more something that has been very difficult to locate.  That is a buyer for our wonderful home in Niwot.  If only people could see past the brick and mortar and bumpy basement floor and know that it’s a home you can invite people to and love people there and enjoy the beauty and quietness of quaint neighborhood with AMAZING neighbors and a backyard that is simply perfect in the evening to connect and eat and refresh.  If you are people who pray, we covet that.  If you are people who know people looking for a house in Niwot – please send them our way.


There are a lot of people and places here that are yet to be found.  And I am not even sure yet who or what I am looking for.  I hope I don’t miss anyone or anything good because the palm trees get in the way!

Laura – tropically thankful










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