noticing joy on the surface of simple things … the evidence of holiness happening in the daily grind.

“Iguanas are perfectly harmless.” November 13, 2012

This is a hard statement for me to believe.  Iguanas are common here, they are bright green but can also blend a bit with their surroundings.  This large lizard strikes me as a small aligator, though I doubt they are from the same family.  My biology brothers will certainly chime in here…

Small and little tiny  lizards are also common.  I see them daily, noticeably in the afternoon.  I have been assured these reptiles who scurry across the sidewalks are an important part of the ecosystem here as they eat bugs.  I most certainly see more lizards than bugs so far.  Aparently, their work is successful.

Wildlife is everywhere.  Mostly in the form of birds and lizards.  I have been eager to identify the birds, though I do know what a Florida Duck is – not a pretty sight I am afraid.  We have a new book that was thoughtfully given us by Lorri and Jessica, former colleagues, to help educate us on  local flora and fauna.  Some box somewhere has that book…

The unseen wildlife in the water is also everywhere.  Those common aligators and snakes can remain unseen as far as I am concerned.  Though, if I choose to learn to golf, I’ve been told they will introduce themselves from the sidelines.  Thankfully golf is not on the priority list just yet.

Water is everywhere.  Canals, little ponds, bigger lakes and of course the glorious ocean – all surround us everywhere we go.  We have certainly traded the beauty and obviousness of the majestic mountains for the vastness and powerful ocean.  I am at peace there.  It commands respect as its breadth and depth and volumn, its power, color, and clarity make you stand in awe.  “Amazing; Wow; Breathtaking; Miraculous,” are common thoughts and words – spoken, unspoken.

The created nature provides a grounding sense to the often overwhelming unknown, information overload, and decision process.  God is everywhere.  This is comforting and brings peace into our real estate concerns, our yearnings for routine – familiarity – simplicity.

It is all part of the adventure.  I am thankful for each part for there are gifts to be received from harmless Iguanas, ocean waves, learning the territory, leaning, sometimes desparately, into Jesus solidness.

Now…to make peace with the lizards.

Laura – Reptile Hunter (NOT).


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  1. I LOVE it! What a fun read!

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