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HONK November 12, 2012

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Laura:  “Where in the world have we landed?”

JR:  “I’m not sure, but I’ve managed to find yet another place where we are lowering the median age.”

Laura:  “You really are an old soul.   I am NOT ready to be old yet.”

JR:  Belly laughing…

This conversation happened following our trip to the $5.00 movie theater a block away where we enjoyed the movie ‘Argo’.  We stood in a long line with our friends “from the north” who are here for “Season”, who all have an accent that sounds like NY, NJ or an occasional Chicago.

We met one of these couples as we waited on the movie to start.  Here is what we learned from the husband…

Snowbirds:  Retired people from the North, here for The Season (Nov- April, but primarily Jan- Mar)

Snowflakes:  People here for just a few weeks when it’s cold in the North

Rounders:  Retired from the North, living here year-round

Then he said – “You may know who all those people are, but have you heard about the Frogs?”

We had not.

Frog:  Retired people who live here until they croak.

His wife scolded him as she hit him on the shoulder.  I howled!

JR:  “What are you?”

New Friend:  “Rounders, here to be Frogs!”  We all howled.  Well, not his wife.

This is part of our new reality at least during the nicest months of the year in South Florida!

Today on the way to church, these words were posted on a Highway sign over the road:  (not kidding)     “You Snooze, You Lose.  Don’t Drive Drowsy.”    I am thinking the Highway could be really quiet from about 1:30-3:30 – nap time?

And then there is the honking.  What in the world is with all the honking?  I still don’t really understand, but honestly – honking is epidemic!  JR got honked at on the way to church while sitting at our apartment entrance, waiting his turn to yield onto the main road.  And he was honked at when he was changing lanes on the way back into our apartment complex.  I’ve been honked at for who knows what.  The honking is quick, usually just one short honk, not a long one with a finger thrown in, though that happened when I was out with my Realtor.  She predicted it.  She’s from NYC.

I have not joined in with this widespread practice.  Its just annoying and baffling to me.

Our status: strangers in a foreign country.   And yet…people are people are people.  Haven’t met a Coloradan, or someone from the Midwest yet, but I have met my two neighbor ladies – both with dogs – and they are easy to talk with and quick to share a place to walk the dog or get good Itallan food or directions to the Target.  They are some of the many whom I’ve met who share that they are from somewhere else too, but once they got here to South Florida – honking, Season, humidity and all – they fell in love and are staying.

They’re probably going to be Frogs.

Laura – not a honker, not yet missing the snow.


One Response to “HONK”

  1. Heidi Hoback Says:

    Missing you. Love reading your blogs – hysterical, as I knew they would be. Happy Veteran’s Day – I bet you’ve met a few of those too. Heidi Ho

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