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Fancy Camping November 11, 2012

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I’ve gone camping and slept on the ground – no thanks.
I’ve gone camping and slept in all types of campers – yes please.
I’ve gone camping and stayed in the sleeping cabins and the big cabins and I’ve gone camping in “drywall” (my dad’s unfinished home he was building. There was a potty, but we did sort of sleep on the ground with a mattress and the drywall kept us dry!) – I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

My husband and I rented an RV from Cruise America and traveled to Florida from Colorado through 8 states in 5 days. We qualified for the Rick/Gwen challenge to do something redneck and slept in a Walmart parking lot the first night. Free. Noisy. No shower. Did the trick.  Thanks for the tip fellow campers.

We found a few KOA campground to land the rest of the evenings, always arriving in the dark of night where we did a late night check in, slipped our reservation in the mail slot and carefully negotiated the 30 foot hotel on wheels into its drive in-drive out sliver of dirt.  Not having any type of leveling features on our “rig” (lingo ya know for RV’ers), I would stand outside and point JR in the way of parking as level as possible, not always possible of course.   We never rolled out of bed.

KOA’s are functional, inexpensive, near the Hwy.  They all seemed to be home to some, storage for others and camping for a few.  We were frugal with our electricity, clean water, and grey/black water space.  Neither of us interested in learning ‘sewage dump 101’ in the middle of Georgia.  At the KOA, we could plug in, use their water and bathouse.

For the most part, KOA suited us just fine.  Just two small instances will be remembered:

#1. JR getting reprimanded for washing the dishes in some large sink in the laundry room.  Well, to his credit, the previous KOA had advertised you Could do your dishes in Their sink.  All KOA’s do not have the same rules apparently.

#2. I went to take a shower at our last KOA and upon entering I notice a Frog.  A light green 3, 4, 5 inch frog on the front of the sink.  I thought at first this must be  a plastic frog for campground practical joking around.   No So Much.  His friends, same color, different sizes, were hanging around on the floor, the towel dispenser and one of the shower stalls.   I took a record speed shower in the non-frog stall reminding myself the whole time that frogs are generally harmless – though I’m not sure why they need to share human bathroom space.  I returned to the camper, boldly notifying JR that I would Not be returning to the bathhouse  and Would be using the RV facilities for the remainder of our stay.  No Thank you KOA – you can keep your Frog infested bathhouse to yourself.

Saving grace for this KOA was that we picked up the freshly dropped pecans from their pecan trees – with permission of course.  Now to find a nutcracker…

So many have contacted us to ask if we are settling in here in Florida.  Thanks for asking.  The answer is ‘no’ to the settled part, but that is because we are Fancy Camping.  We have a space that is drywalled and painted and supplied with appliances and running water.  We have people and especially Dog friendly neighbors.  It is common to meet the dog, learn its name, age, sex, issue and then as you are moving on, the human will say, “o by the way, my name is Vinny.”  On a recent evening potty walk (wherein you must be be fully clothed even with undergarments as you won’t be alone when you go on this walk and the humans like to chat),  a woman pulling out of her driveway yells out her window – “Your dog is SOOOO cute!”  She asks his name and breed age, says she has two golden retrievers ages 1 and 2 and says we need to set up a play date.  She drove off as I enthusiastically agreed.   I have no idea what her name is.

My intention was to post nearly daily.  I wrote 3, one of which disappeared after I wrote it & hit post on the “quick post” page.  That was followed by Chaos Day 1 and 2 where a group of men came and packed up our stuff including the computers, (day one) and put it all on a very large truck (day two).   Then we proceeded to be without reliable internet for our journey and honestly I was a little numb and very concerned about our kitty that would not eat or drink for 2 days.

We landed just shy of 2 weeks ago.  I got the computer back, I have internet, and I’ve been on it daily looking for a place to live after our fancy camping stay is ended.   I think its time to take up the blog again.  Good for me to document the adventure.  Hope you want to come along!

I don’t know why exactly, but it has been hard to engage with anything routine (?) or normal other than having time with the Lord over coffee in the morning and making dinner for JR at night.  These days have been sweet for our relationship and our trust in our Extravagant God.  They have also been disorienting as everything seems new and so much is still uncertain.  This is rich soil for growth.

For now, fancy camping it is.  We may not be perfectly level, but our lives are built on a firm foundation.  I doubt we will roll out of bed.

Slightly tilted…Laura


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