The Countdown Begins

At some point, a countdown has to happen.  Today seems like a good starting line.  Next Wednesday, October 24, 2012, JR and I will begin the traveling part of our adventure.  In case you are just tuning in, I will back up and fill in some details. JR and I have been married for 26 …

Some Kind of Wonderful

A good-bye is never painful unless you're never going to say hello again.

Not being the most savvy technical type, I have tolerated the use of email, cell phones, texting. 

Until my girls went to college.  College in Michigan, which is a long way from Colorado.

I now can honestly say, I Love Technology.  Skype in particular is my favorite.  It connects us - not just with words, not just with voices, but with our persons even hundreds of miles away.  Years ago, I really did think that I would hate having a phone where you could see someone when you are talking.  I mean, do you always look good, even decent, when you are on the phone?  A phone with a view seemed possible for the Jetsons, not for the DeGroots.  Well how crazy is the techno world now?

Lauren and Lyndsay had some busy weeks recently which reduced the amount of communication with us.  During this time they celebrated their "leaving teen" birthday, yet very little time to talk.  Last Saturday there was finally time for skype - first with Lauren, then with Lyndsay.  I went to bed that night girls are some kind of wonderful;  technology is some kind of wonderful too.  I feel connected with these people I love after I talk with them -  almost in person.

JR and I are moving to Florida next week.  It is over 2000 miles from where we've called home for nearly 30 years (myself) and nearly 40 years (JR).  We've been blessed to meet and know and love a bunch of people here in Colorado.  We hope you visit us as we will live near the warm ocean, in warm weather, with just as many sunny days as Colorado.  

Don't all visit at once please.

In between time,  email, call, write, text, and if you don't have one - please get yourself signed up for a skype account.  We can stay connected - almost in person.  You don't even have to be savvy in the technological sense, and I think that once you skype with us (when we are missing one another), you'll agree - this techno world can be some kind of wonderful.