Weekend Food

Is there anyone who doesn’t love the weekend?

I feel the Friday night melt start about 4:00. My head and body know that something different is about to happen. It doesn’t matter if we go out, have people over, or just stay home, my psyche responds to the change of pace that Friday night through Sunday night consistently deliver.

Food on the weekend might be the “bell” to my psyche melt as was the sound for Pavlovs dog to drool. Weekend food is different than the rest of the week. I am not saying it’s always better, I just don’t respond to it the same way I do to the food that we eat midweek.

Midweek food needs to be practical. Maybe even somewhat predictable. Plan a starch, a protien, vegetables and you’re done. Soup on Mondays, pasta Tuesdays, mexican Wednesdays, crockpot Thursdays – that kind of plan can work just fine.

On the weekends, food is somehow less functional and more fun; more of a treat than a neccesity. For instance, appetizers for dinner – all finger food, and decadence can be staples. Casual, multi-coursed, meals are highly considered. Yet, the best ‘treat’ of all is family-pizza-movie night.

Friday nights, we love to let down, to escape together in our basement with soda, pizza, homemade ranch dressing (to dip leftover pizza crust in), and a netflix. JR has the que full on netflix (which I think means we have 500 movies just waiting their turn to be delivered to our home), and we often find ourselves enjoying an unknown movie gem while eating our familiar movie food.

Pizza itself can come from all over town. However, we prefer homemade. I’ve collected multiple pizza crust recipes but our current favorite I will share here. JR is not only proficient at building a movie que, he has also built a recipe que for me with gems he finds in the newspaper. This recipe for Calzones became a fast favorite. It can even have a practical application of using leftovers from your functional weekend meals!

Super Simple Calzones
1.Frozen Bread Dough. Let it rise – many hours, as explained on the package!
2.After it is thawed, roll into a large flat rectangle or circle. It is kind of springy, helps to roll – let sit a minute or two, then roll again.
3. Put your favorite toppings on one half. Fold over the other half of the dough and pinch/twist the edges together to seal.
meat of choice
veggies of choice
(We love BBQ chicken – using leftover chicken – grilled, baked, fried – chop and mix with a little BBQ sauce; provolone & cheddar cheese; red onion)
4. Put on pizza stone or greased cookie sheet. Bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.
Cut in wide strips and serve with sauce of choice for dipping. Note: because you don’t put pizza sauce on the inside you this doesn’t get soggy. No more gooey crust!

Best served on the weekend with a soda in front of a netflix!

Give it a try and let me know what you think! Especially if you find a new fabulous filling. Enjoy your weekend and its food!

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