noticing joy on the surface of simple things … the evidence of holiness happening in the daily grind.

Good Things in Stinky Cans August 9, 2009

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Pekoe is our cross-eyed cat.  She is also cross-bred Siamese & Russian blue which makes for a super soft, significantly shedding cat coat.  And she only likes canned cat food.  She would rather starve than eat that crunchy stuff.  Have you ever smelled a can of cat food?  Stinky! But Pekoe loves it, lives on it. 

Yesterday, I was opening a can of tuna for lunch and started laughing at the realization I too eat stinky food from a can.  A tuna sandwich is a good thing, but the smell of it strongly resembles cat food. 

There are moments in my days, days in my months, seasons in my years that have really stunk.  Circumstances with loss;  situations of  change;   episodes of aggravation;   happenings of hard times;    matters of adversity;  scenes of stress and strain;  conditions of complication;  occasions of anxiety;  cases of crisis.    I do not live for them.   I do not love them.     

I have found good things in all these stinky cans.  Although the discovery of good isn’t always immediate, it’s always there.   I am often slow to embrace the gifts that are found in the seasons, months, days of what seems repulsive and rotten.  Yet I desire simplicity and strength.   I need comfort and kindness & encouragement.  I want peace and contentment.  I crave perspective and perseverance and progress.  I hope for wholeness.  These are what I love, what I live on. 

Maybe Pekoe has a cross-sense of smell.  Maybe she knows that the great things in life don’t always smell like it. 

Have you discovered gifts inside smelly circumstances?


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