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Greetings July 22, 2009

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It’s good of you to visit! Glad to have you find Crema! If we were face to face I would serve you a drink and something yummy with it, but sharing words together will have to suffice.

Seems weird and wild to welcome you to a space in some ‘space’ that I don’t fully understand, but am willing and eager to uncover the treasures of. It is a space for words, for wit, wisdom, and recipes. A space for sharing.

This place will work just fine if I am simply writing and have a place to put what I am writing. It will be better than fine if there is and exchange of ideas, insights, ponderings, elation.

So welcome, and you’re invited to join the conversation.


One Response to “Greetings”

  1. Michelle DeGroot Says:

    Everything is absolutely perfect!!!! It’s YOU and it’s a fabulous website. Love the cocoa and blue, the theme that carries it through and think you have a winner!!!!!
    We’ll discuss at Elk Track………you’ve done an incredible job!

    Love you much,
    Michelle & Dad

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